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We Will Remember Them: Isle of Man Great War Roll of Honour (1914-1918)

Posted on 01.11.2018

The names of 1,300 Manx individuals who gave up their lives in the First World War and 180 Manx individuals honoured for bravery and exceptional service are now recorded on iMuseum.

The names have been transcribed from a roll of honour in book form; originally published in 1934 by the War Pensions Committee.

The roll of honour on display at St Brendan’s Church, Braddan (image courtesy of Chris Blyth, Isle of Man Photographic Society).

The publication was entirely funded by Lord Stanley, Earl of Derby (President of the North Western Area of the British Legion). The foreword, provided by Lord Stanley, reads “It is well that the deeds of those who died in the Great War should find a permanent memorial in such a list. Whilst this generation lives their names will not be forgotten, but other generations will arise to whom they will not be personally known. This Roll will serve to keep their memory green and future Manxmen and Manxwomen, when reading it, will realise that in our great struggle the Isle of Man played a noble part.”

Second Lieutenant Ashley Watterson McGain, Suffolk Regiment. Killed in action 1 July 1916 (ref: PG/13704/2).

Deemster Reginald D. Farrant (Chairman of the War Pensions Committee) contributed a preface: “This Book is intended to form an authoritative record of all Manxmen who lost their lives on active service in the Great War of 1914 to 1918, or have since died as a result of wounds, injury or disease contracted on active service. It has been compiled by the Isle of Man War Pensions Committee and their staff, from all available official and other sources and sets out, as far as can be ascertained, the names, addresses and regimental or naval particulars of every deceased sailor, soldier or airman of Manx Nationality.”

Deemster Reginald Douglas Farrant, Chairman of the War Pensions Committee (ref: PG/12633).

In 1936, the War Pensions Committee donated copies to each parish church throughout the Island, “to be deposited with the Church Records and available for reference by anyone interested.” Today, the books are on display at Christ Church, Laxey; St Sanctain’s Church, Santon; St Michael’s Church, Kirk Michael; St Lupus Church, Malew; St Brendan’s Church, Braddan and St Thomas’ Church, Douglas.

Captain John Frissell Crellin of the Notts and Derby Regiment was awarded the Military Cross with Bar and wore the 1914-1915 campaign star (ref: PG/7674).

The roll of honour is recorded on iMuseum as part of the work undertaken by the Isle of Man Preservation of War Memorials Committee to ensure a proper registration of all war memorials throughout the Isle of Man. Thanks to the work of the War Memorial Committee, over 220 war memorials are now recorded on iMuseum.

All of the names listed in the Isle of Man Great War Roll of Honour (1914-1918) can be seen here.

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